I will play catch up later, but for now, I just wanted to post that after 4 months of looking, we FINALLY found a house!  Yay!!!  For the last month we have just been playing with it, making it our own.  As nice as it would have been to find a move in ready house, we decided to choose an older home that had more character and could do whatever we wanted to it.  Plus, it has a salon already built it, and, we got prime location, (for me anyway(shopping everywhere!)).

So stay on the edge of  your seat for a life overload (in pictures of course) and consistency in the blogger-y. :)


Short but Sweet

I have been on quite the blogging hiatus for a little over a month now.  Right now we are sooooo busy!!!!  We had Easter, went to California for a week, came home, deep cleaned our house, put it on the market, sold it in 3 days, and now, we are looking for a new house, which by the way, is super frustrating!  We have only been looking for a week, but it already seems like there are zero possibilities to suit our needs.  And every time we think, "hey, this is us", someone else snatches it right up.  Please, pray we find a house...soon!

Cheers to the best of luck!!!

Amidst the stress of house hunting, we tried to  have a little bit of fun at Sugarhouse Park.

These two are my favorite!


The Blood of Christ...

Or in our case, a little more neon.  In case you don't know why we decorate egg shells for Easter, I will explain.  The egg symbolizes the tomb of Christ, the dying of the of the egg symbolizes the blood, and the cracking of the egg symbolizes the resurrection.

As most everyone knows, Easter is just around the corner.  We are so prepared!  Like the bunny has pretty much already stepped foot into our humble abode.  As Thomas Jefferson once said, “Never put off for tomorrow, what you can do today.”  I feel like procrastination makes (my) life more difficult.  I learned long ago, that if you wait until last minute, everything  you want/need is gone.  It's a little ironic (for me) I know.  If there is one fact about me it is my concept of time.  Time does not exist in my world.  If I have something to be on time to, I am almost always late.  It's a battle that I may never conquer, but I continue to work on it daily.  I am getting better (I think).

Anyway, back to Easter...

The other day we did something a little different in our egg dying.  Instead of just finding a random kit with glitter or marbleized egg dye, I decided to just buy some food color, add some vinegar and place rubber bands around our eggs in different patterns.  I will admit, there was a bit of skepticism, but of course, they turned out exactly how I had imagined!



as promised...

Our version of the "Harlem Shake".  Enjoy!!!


Sorry, you have to click on the link, but it is not uploading for me...


Saint Patrick's Day

This year Shawn and I decided that the Leprechaun should come to our house.  So he did.  Twice.

In the wee hours of the night, he came and put a tattoo on every one of us.  Payton had a rainbow on her arm, Lucas, a tiny shamrock on his wrist, Shawn, a shamrock on his head, and I had a shamrock on my hand.  In the morning, Payton came to wake us up and tell us the excitement she had noticed on her arm.  She then started looking for more clues from the leprechaun...  

First it was time for Breakfast and the Leprechaun hid Lucky Charms and green milk in the fridge.  That sneaky little person!  But that was the only indication of the leprechaun (that morning).  Then, Payton said, I think he will come while we are at church!  I looked at Shawn and later said, she is way too smart for us ;)

Well, that is exactly what happened, he came while we were at church!  And he made a major disaster area.  There were ripped up pieces of different shade of green paper all over the floor.  The toys from the toy box were strewn all about.  The leprechaun placed a sign by the mirror that read, "Kiss me, I'm Irish",  and then thought he should put on my Wannabe lipstick and kiss the mirror! 

He led us up the stairs to find Peaco with Payton's underwear and a green and white Puma hat on his head.  There was a diaper filled with a bag of skittles that said, "taste the rainbow"!  Lucas' bed was all over the place, and Payton's bed was arranged opposite of how it always is. He then wrote on the chalkboard that he had been at our house.

It turned out to be more of a success than I thought it would.  We ended our day with delicious cookies and an awesome Hancock family Harlem Shake.  Which, once it's edited, I will put in on the blog :)

Happy Week!

We wanted to be somewhat festive and decorate for the "green" holiday using green food color and white carnations.  Overnight the stems soaked up the green water and showed up in the petals.  It was a rather cool science experiment!
Goodies the Leprechaun left us...(p.s. mint M&M's are divine!)
They were complaining how bright it was after church, and since I have 3 pairs of sunglasses in the car, I let them borrow mine :)
Our second surprise from the leprechaun...I'm not sure whether or not I should be afraid of this face Payton is making?
There were enough tattoos in the goody bags for a half-sleeve...
Left:  Lime Sherbet mixed with Sprite.  Right:  Homemade Mint Oreos.  



Every morning on VH1 they play music videos.  Shock.  I know.  Occasionally, If I remember, I enjoy watching them. The other day this video of "Daylight" by Maroon 5 came on.  I am not a huge fan of Maroon 5, but I did appreciate this video. Enjoy!

Also, Chelsea Lately has to be one of my favorite late night guilty pleasures.  I don't watch it very often, but I did catch it a couple of nights ago and was literally in tears!  First, they were bashing on Taylor Swift, which I think Taylor Swift is one of the most annoying people!  I don't love her songs, nor do I love her expressions. And second, well, just please, take a moment to click here and watch this rather amusing clip...


Blustery Day

The sun is still shining, (albeit the wind is blowing) holiday's are approaching and trips are being planned, life is good! 

Loving Lucas

Shawn and Maggie...she is home!  She has such a teeny doll face.  We love her!
Lucas and Payton having some fun in this super old Jeep of Grandpa's.

Just before a winning tennis match!  He is so good (and hot)!
Red Mango = Yum!
Lucas and his bubs.


A little over a month ago, we decided to shave the side of Lucas' head.  We thought he could be cool and trendy.  And I will tell you what, with those shades and his cool do, he becomes a whole different person.  He thinks he is the coolest kid on the block, (which he totally is)!  I am not even kidding, he walks around with a major strut, just like his daddy ;) 

Shawn has been telling me to debut the same look as Lucas.  I just say, I can't do it!  I know you think it's super hot, but like I have said before, I already feel like my femininity has been tampered with sporting a shorter do.  However, I decided to give The Saturday's, Frankie's  look a try...